Monday, November 5, 2012

November 6th, Election Day: Vote!

It's the day before the election, and I want to send a big message to all tens of you who are still reading me.

I'm sure you all are, but I wanted to reinforce it.  At some point, too many people have forgotten their "Why I Should Vote" essay from civics class and become complacent.  But voting is the single time where everyone else steps aside and We the People have our say.  No matter which political party you belong to-or none, which side you lie on, what your beliefs are, how hopeful or cynical you might be about our future, all of that is useless unless you join the conversation.  With voter turnout at approximately 50% for major elections (and sadly much lower for off-cycle and local elections), this is the one time when I can say that not enough people are talking.  Join the conversation.

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