Friday, October 26, 2012

Why not cat pics?

I decided that my first two real posts would be political.  The reasons should be obvious; the heated presidential election, the issues on the table (abortion, gay marriage, the economy, foreign policy, etc), and some of the discussions I've had on Facebook.

Some of my friends don't like politics.  They decry the salesmanship and the obvious pandering.  They dislike the lines, the stump speeches, the falseness.  But this is also about getting things done.

I've been working for my company for quite a while and I've seen the same there.  Frustrating as it is, it's still the game that you have to play in order to Get Things Done.  Sometimes it can be fun as well, this game of thrones, but only as long as you don't forget that the Getting Things Done part is the actual goal and not just the game.  So I love politics, not because of the backstabbing or the drama or any of that, but because of the true end goal: taking something forward.  Whether it's a product, an organization, or the whole darned country, let's get it done.

The cat pics will come later.

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